Pinkney to Pinkney 07/25 by Minister Pinkney | Politics Progressive Podcasts Thursday, Aug 1 2013 

Pinkney to Pinkney 07/25 by Rev Pinkney | Politics Progressive Podcasts.

Audio Recording: ‘EPISODE23 – Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory C…’ From ‘Alda’s Targeted Individua…’ Saturday, Jan 19 2013 

Audio Recording: ‘EPISODE23 – Jesse Ventura Conspiracy Theory C…’ From ‘Alda’s Targeted Individua…’.

What little I heard about the New World Order… Sunday, Apr 29 2012 

Before I became aware that I was a Targeted Individual (before April, 2008), I heard a little bit about the establishment of a One World Government/New World Order, and about such organizations as Skull & Bones from mainstream corporate media stations such as National Public Radio/NPR and occasionally from shortwave radio broadcasts such as the Overcomer Ministry. I was under the impression that the NWO was like a club and that certain politicians, such as George Bush, Sr., belonged to this club. I didn’t really know about any of the goals of this club other than they wanted to take over the world and reduce the world’s population. I didn’t think or understand much about how these goals would be accomplished, I just figured they would round people up and put them in concentration camps like World War II. Other than that, they were a bunch of rich, greedy guys as far as I was concerned.
I wasn’t super afraid of the government, but I didn’t much trust the government. I figured the less a person had to do with the government the better. I wasn’t against myself or others getting financial aid from the government if they really needed it, but I was the kind of person who would work with a little less money in the budget if it meant less government monitoring in my life. From reading the Bible, I knew some kind of government persecution would come. I believed that the mark of the beast 666 was perhaps expressed in different ways, such as the social security number,the income tax, the zip code, the telephone number, and the universal product code symbol. I read somewhere or became aware that numbers containing three sixes, nines, or eights were perhaps government monitored numbers. I heard on the radio that the NWO would control people in three ways: the drivers license/state identification (employment and travel), the telephone (communications), and the bank account (finances).
Looking back, I guess there were some aspects of my life that were off the grid and were not typical; that maybe did not fit into a system. My purse was stolen and I did not replace my social security card for many years; I did not work outside of the home, drive, or have a bank account for many years…

Freedom FIghters For America World Radio – Live & Recorded Episodes: Saturday, Jan 7 2012 

Freedom FIghters For America World Radio – Live & Recorded Episodes:.

Council Meeting Saturday, Oct 22 2011 

Council Meeting.

Council Meeting Saturday, Jul 23 2011 

Council Meeting.

Council Meeting Saturday, Jul 23 2011 

Council Meeting.

Environmentalism, Global Warming, and HAARP… Saturday, Sep 25 2010 

There is increasing discussion in the media about global warming and haarp. I remember James Watt of the Reagan administration. A prevailing opinion about Watt at that time was that he did not care about the environment. Comedians would quote Watt as saying, “It’s okay to cut down all of the trees because Jesus is coming soon!” All I know is that whether global warming is a hoax or not, and whatever chemicals are being released in fog trails from airplanes, and whatever mind and weather altering weapons that the governments may develop or have that can be used to control, puppet, and harm life on earth with faces, the God of Abraham can control the weather, and people should be careful, and try not to do things that could hurt and destroy the earth. May God in Jesus’ name have mercy and pardon us, and deliver us from evil… Exodus 20:13, Revelation 11:18.

Gang-stalking is Sin! Saturday, Jul 24 2010 

Dear reader, you might not agree with or believe in what is written below, but I humbly ask that you remember.  My name is Carol Board. I’m a Targeted Individual who believes in the God of Abraham and His Son Jesus, the Messiah. I’m a Black American woman (according to the flesh). I am and was born a citizen of the United States of America. I have lived at the same address in Mishawaka, Indiana since October, 1982. I’ve been a Targeted Individual since April, 2008.  I don’t deserve this and no person deserves to be targeted. I apologize if there is, or for any media mirroring memes,  pictures, sounds, stimuli, triggers etc., and/or neuro-linguistic programming words on this website or other websites you visit because of me.  Consider that individuals, institutions, corporations, organizations, governments, (and churches for that matter), are being overtly and covertly co-opted, hijacked, infiltrated, manipulated, and corrupted.

Friends, you might ask yourself, “What must I do to be saved?”  I was told: Jesus Christ is coming in your lifetime, to set up His government on earth. Believe Jesus. Turn from sin.  Sin is the breaking of God’s law, which is based on the ten commandments.  (Exodus 20:1-17)  Keep the seventh day sabbath holy, and keep the annual sabbaths holy.  The annual sabbaths teach the plan of God for humanity.  A good understanding have they that keep His commandments.  Be baptized in the name of Jesus.  Do Luke 10:27.  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.  Tithe and offerings.  Charity.  Give, not get.  Call on Jesus.  Pray the Lord’s prayer.  (Matthew 6:9-13) Keep your eyes on Jerusalem. (Luke 21:20-21, 31-36)  That it’s good to face towards Jerusalem when praying, and it’s good for a woman to cover her head (hat, scarf) when praying.  Ask the God of Abraham in the name of Jesus, to give you the gift of the Holy Spirit, (not to be confused with “lying wonder” mind invasive technologies such as neurotechnology/ synthetic telepathy mind remote control neural monitoring, and the abuse of the microwave auditory effect, sometimes named voice-to-skull/V2k).  Truthers, yes, 911 was an inside job, but also, the word of God is the truth.  The word of God should be bought and not sold.   The Bible is the “big picture”, and is meant to be a service to people.  A physical print Bible is less prone to tampering than an internet website Bible. The best Bibles say, “blessed are they that do His commandments”, for Revelation 22:14.  The name of the church is the Church of God.  Reverend and Holy is the name of God, and not the titles of the human leaders of the church. Many church leaders are not believers.  In a multitude of counsel there is safety…

Gang-stalking (organized stalking) is sin! Please help to stop the personal/collective national sins of government sanctioned non-consensual experimentation on humans, Cointelpro type and MKultra/Marathon type programs of surveillance abuse, and psychological torture operations, electronic harassment assaults and murders from the misuse of advanced neurotechnology, nanotechnology, directed energy/microwave (non lethal/less-than-lethal, “slow kill”/”soft kill”) weapons technology, workplace mobbing, and noise pollution/noise campaigns. Please help to get transparency about the geoengineering and/or biological engineering chemtrails in our skies, and help to get the boardroom and government out of our bodies and bathrooms!  How?  Citizens of the United States of America, shouldn’t we abolish the Federal Reserve, get the United States out of the United Nations, and repeal the 1947 National Security Act?  Please contact your Representatives and Senators to enact and enforce legislation governing classified non-consensual experimentation on humans and organized stalking.  Request of them a congressional hearing regarding abuses by military and other intelligence agencies and their contractors.   Although some antichrist elements in this beast government seem to prefer theft and technology used as sorcery (Revelation 9:21), and lawlessness to the Constitution, liberty, though buffeted, is not dead. The Constitution is still around and the word of God lasts forever!  Where people are free to speak, the truth will be spoken.  Please communicate about the silent holocaust of the Targeted Individuals!  Don’t we have the right to ask government to be accountable without being bullied by it?  Please Google or search engine these–Osama is dead Bhutto,  Aaron Russo Freedom to Fascism (see the movie in theaters or on Youtube).  Is the Monarch program of child abuse true?

   Please visit,,,,,*/*,,*/*,,,,,*/*,,,,,,,,,*/*,,,,,,,,,,,*/* , Revolution News and Information (on Youtube), (also on facebook and Youtube),,, Dallas Ahrens III% (on Youtube), Serour Strikes Back (on Youtube),,, True Jew News (on Youtube),,,,,*/*,,,,,,,,,,*/*,,,,,*/*,,,,,,,,*/*,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,*/*,,,*/,,,,,,,*/,,,,*/,,,,, (on Youtube),,,*/,,, Humanity Warriors (on Youtube),,,,,,,,  I’m in Facebook, and on Twitter.  Your prayers to Ahaiya, whose name in English is “I AM THAT I AM”, the God of Abraham, in the name of His Son, Yeshaiya, who is Jesus Christ, for Targeted Individuals would be greatly appreciated.   Although I don’t necessarily agree with everything that is written in the above websites, I thank you for your thoughtful consideration of these issues…

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