Before I became aware that I was a Targeted Individual (before April 24, 2008), I heard a little bit about the establishment of a Fascist New World Order/One World Government, and about such organizations as Skull & Bones from mainstream corporate media stations such as National Public Radio/NPR and occasionally from shortwave radio broadcasts such as the Overcomer Ministry. I was under the impression that the NWO was like a club and that certain politicians, such as George Bush, Sr., belonged to this club. I didn’t really know about any of the goals of this club other than they wanted to take over the world and reduce the world’s population. I didn’t think or understand much about how these goals would be accomplished, I just figured they would round people up and put them in concentration camps like World War II. Other than that, they were a bunch of rich, greedy guys as far as I was concerned.
I wasn’t super afraid of the government, but I didn’t much trust the government. I figured the less a person had to do with the government the better. I wasn’t against myself or others getting financial aid from the government if they really needed it, but I was the kind of person who would work with a little less money in the budget if it meant less government monitoring in my life. From reading the Bible, I knew some kind of government persecution would come. I believed that the mark of the beast 666 was perhaps expressed in different ways, such as the social security number,the income tax, the zip code, the telephone number, and the universal product code symbol. I read somewhere or became aware that numbers containing three sixes, nines, or eights were perhaps government monitored numbers. I heard on the radio that the NWO would control people in three ways: the drivers license/state identification (employment and travel), the telephone (communications), and the bank account (finances).
Looking back, I guess there were some aspects of my life that were off the grid and were not typical; that maybe did not fit into a system. My purse was stolen and I did not replace my social security card for many years; I did not work outside of the home, drive, or have a bank account for many years…